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Bass Bumpers - Profile

Bass Bumpers - Profile CD Single, Bass Bumpers - Profile Maxi CD,

Bass Bumpers - Profile

Ref: 27613

Real Name: Henning Reith, Caba Kroll

Profile: Bass Bumpers are two of the most creative songwriters and producers of dancefloor-hits in Germany these days.

Henning Reith - Multi-talented keyboard player and the person behind the sound mixing desk is the one coming up with ever new ideas for songs and sounds. He composed "I Can't Stand It" - a charthit with Twenty 4 Seven all over the world. "Caba" Kroll - Contributes to Bass Bumpers with his long time of experience as deejay at the Bochum Tarm Center and arranges the productions for the dancefloor-scene. He is also responsible for the Bass Bumpers management and he plans the tours with all the tour agencies and licensees in Germany and abroad. Bass Bumpers were found in 1990 when Henning and Caba released their first production with the dance label Dance Street. With the title "Can't Stop Dancing" the Bass Bumpers entered the European dancefloor-scene. The single "Running" was the last in the successful series of the Bass Bumpers productions to be released in 1993.